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1 Year Old Toy Suggestions

J.S. asks from Nashville

My daughter will turn 1 just after Christmas. So I need toy ideas. I've looked around but nothing jumps out as being all that great. My five year old is easy. LEGO's,...


Toy Favorites for 2/3 Year Olds

A.L. asks from Minneapolis

My daughther is 27 months old--we haven't invested a ton of money into toys because she has been in daycare full-time. With a new baby in the house (8 weeks), we wou...


Fun Educational Videos for Toddlers/kids When Traveling.

B.H. asks from Salt Lake City

We are moving to MO in April and driving. It'll be about a 22 hour journey with our toddler. I was wondering what educational videos you have enjoyed for your kids. W...


Seeking Movie Ideas for Thoughtful 5 y.o. Boy Who Is Fearful of "Scary" Stuff

S.M. asks from Naples

My son has seen some of the Veggie Tales movies and done okay with them. I'd like to move on to some other things. He is almost 6 and has outgrown Noggin, which is ...


Feel Out of Control

S.S. asks from Miami

My little baby boy is growing up, and is expanding his mind each day. He is getting into everything!... not to mention, developing bad habits that I unwillingly let ...


What's Your Two Year Old Into?

K.H. asks from Phoenix

Hi moms.... Out of curiosity, what are other two year olds into these days? I don't have a lot of experience with toddlers outside of my own so I don't know what is ...


Too Much TV?

M.G. asks from Chicago

What is the best amount of time for tv if a child is three? My son only watches Sprout, but tv is tv. He wants to watch all the time. It's a constant battle. We a...


"Sorry, I Am Not Mickey Mouse."

E.S. asks from New York

By now most of you know my disdain for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, particularly when it eeks it's way into scripting. Well, today, I kind of lost it. I was getting lau...


How to Prepare 2 Yr Old for First Dentist Visit

A.S. asks from Phoenix

I am making my 2 year old her first dentist visit. I found a pediatric dentist on our insurance plan but i am concerned about how to prepare her for it. I am scared t...


New Activity Ideas for Toddlers? I Have Some Too...

L.F. asks from Charlotte

I have an almost two year old and watch another 17 mo. old during the day. Since it's colder now, we get a little stir crazy at times! Just wondering if any of you ...