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How to Get Tint Stain Out of Nipples

M.K. asks from Sioux Falls

I was in a hurry the other night and forget to rinse a serving spoon that had tomato paste on it before I ran the dishwasher. My bottle nipples that were in the lil ...


Seeking Moms in the Northwest Suburbs...

A.L. asks from Chicago

Looking to meet up with other Moms. Busy working & raising the munchkin, relates to a small social circle. Hoping to find like Moms in my area for playdates.


Breastfed Baby Won't Use Sippy Cup

T.S. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter just turned 9 months old and has been an exclusively breastfed baby. Never used a bottle, I just took her with me wherever I went. So for the past 3 weeks...


Fun Friday Playgroup Is Coming Up...........

A.L. asks from Kansas City

We have another fun playgroup (for mom's and kids 1-5) coming up on Friday, December 29th. It will be at Elite Gymnastics (Munchkin Gym), at 108th and Pflum. For only...


Need Advice on Spacing Between Kids

M.B. asks from Atlanta

I am looking for a bit of advice on spacing my kids out. I have a 5 month old and my husband and I have been talking on getting pregnant again. I hear that having y...


Rear View Mirror That Isn't Made for a Fun House

C.D. asks from Fayetteville

Has anyone found a rear view mirror that mounts to the windshield that doesn't give you the fun house effect? I have the Munchkin mirror from Walmart, but it makes m...


Best Bottles

J. asks from New York

I used the Johnson & Johnson bottles (munchkin) with my first two. It was the tilted kind. What is a good bottle to use now? I'm guessing this child will be gassy ...


Do All Nuby Silicone Top Sippy Cups Leak?

S.H. asks from Chicago

I am now on my 2nd Nuby cup, hoping the first one was just defective, but this one leaks too! When I put the lid on and tighten it, the silicone top moves just enoug...


How Can I Stop My 7 Year Old from Climbing into Our Bed at Night?

P.K. asks from San Diego

Almost every night I find our cute little munchkin sound asleep in our bed. Originally we said friday nights only...the rest of the week the master bed is mom & dads....


Do You Bundle Your Baby in a Snowsuit or Jacket in the Winter??

T.W. asks from Milwaukee

Ladies, I am torn between what I have done in the past with my own little girl and now what a friend says is the correct way of doing it. For my daughter when she wa...