Multiple Car Seats

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Looking for Next Car Seat...

E.S. asks from Washington DC

Can anyone give me advice on a good car seat? My baby girl is reaching the weight limit on the first one and I need to get the next step. Anyone have one that they l...


Car Seat Query

A.M. asks from Grand Rapids

my three year old is 30 pounds and in a high back car seat (i think thats what its called). I'd like to move her to a booster. What kind should I get and is she the r...


Stroller / Car Seat Bag?

C.U. asks from Chicago

We are traveling with the kids for the first time this week....the little one is still in the infant carrier...we will be holding her on the plane. What should we pu...


Transitioning Out of Infant Car Seat

S.F. asks from Lima

Hi all! I have an 8 month old "little boy" who is 21+ lbs. (yes, can we say OINKER? haha) He is also very big and his little legs hang over the edge of his pumpkin ...


Car Seat on Vacation Question

A.K. asks from Iowa City

We're taking a trip to San Diego with our kids (ages 7 and 3) and we'll be renting a car once we arrive. How do other parents travel with young kids and deal with the...


Car Seat Toys

J.F. asks from Boca Raton

Our 4 month old daughter has grown out of her infant car seat with the nice handle on it where we hang toys for her... now we have a convertible seat with no handle t...


Car Seat Crier

K.L. asks from Phoenix

My son is almost 2 months old and HATES his car seat. We live in Phoenix so it is hot in the back of the car facing backward (this may be a source of the problem). Mo...


Screaming in Car Seat

J.S. asks from Sioux Falls

My 4 month old daughter HATES being in her car seat. She starts crying almost as soon as she is strapped in, and arches her back and locks her legs staight while I a...


Need Advice on Buying a New Car Seat

K.H. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I need your help in finding a new car seat for my daughter. She will be turning one this month and she has almost out grown the car seat we have now. We...


Infant Outgrowing Baby Car Seat??

A.C. asks from Syracuse

This may sound sort of silly, but I really am not sure what my options are. My almost 8-month old son is on the verge (literally) of outgrowing his infant car seat, ...