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Advice on Possibly Moving

N.P. asks from Chicago

Just wondering if any moms out there have had any experience with moving a long distance away from family and friends. My husband may have the opportunity to transfer...


Moving to New Home

M.A. asks from Killeen

my family is moving to Killeen, texas.. any tips on places to go? whats the weather like in summer and winter? is the area nice? whats the price of gas lately?


Moving Advice

E.G. asks from Dallas

My husband is being relocated to Pune, India for 2 years and we are moving the end of this year or sometime winter 2008. I was wondering if anyone knows anything abou...


Moving Company Referral

K.H. asks from Los Angeles

We just found out that we are moving from Los Angeles to Connecticut this summer. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy, reliable moving company? AND if you know of a ...


Seeking Moving Boxes

S.S. asks from Chicago

Hello. We are moving in 2 weeks and are looking for moving boxes. We purchased some at Home Depot, but we need alot and don't want to pay $3/box. I have searched c...


Moving Company Costs

B.S. asks from Houston

Has anyone moved recently and used a moving company (moving within the same city)? If so, do you remember off hand about how much it cost and how many rooms were you ...


Moving Advice Needed

M.M. asks from Miami

My 5year old and I will be moving to the area in July/August for a job change. Being a single mom, I am on a very tight budget and can use some guidance on safe/frien...


Moving to Yokohama Japan.

D.S. asks from Nashville

We are moving to Yokohama in February with Nissan and with our just turned 3 year old little boy. I am VERY aprehensive and nervous about the whole move. Does anyon...


Moving to Utah Need Some Advice

J.T. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi Moms, I am moving to Utah in two weeks (leaving Texas J. 9th)My family and I are looking for houseing up near Layton and Clearfield. We are not haveing much luck ...


Getting a Divorce - Tips and Advice?

E.T. asks from Albuquerque

Apologies in advance if this is long. After much soul searching, I've decided to separate from my husband (D.) and get a divorce. This is not something I've decided u...