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What Is the Best Tv for Video Gaming.

E.S. asks from Chicago

What is the best tv (probably a 32 in) for a bedroom to watch tv and video gaming (PS3). My kids are 7 and 10 so they won't notice quality as much but I don't want t...


What Age for the Movies??

A.N. asks from Phoenix

Anyone ever take a toddler to see a kids movie at the theaters? I was considering the dollar theaters during the week...less crowded. I heard something about family...


Sappy Movies

J.W. asks from Fayetteville

I love tearjerkers though I have to be in the right frame of mind. I recently watched a real tearjerker with Robert Denero. I believe it was called -------- Don't K...


"Reel Mom" Type Movies Available Anywhere?

M.K. asks from Boston

Hi. I'm trying to find out if AMC Loews or Showcase Cinemas (north of Boston) offer any type of "Reel Mom" movies anymore. Does anyone know? I went to a few with my f...


Do You Have Your Tv Mounted Above the Fireplace?

G.D. asks from Atlanta

For those of you that have your tv mounted above the fireplace..where did you store the other stuff? Like the blu ray player, surround sound, game consoles, etc.


Does Superbowl = New TV in Your House?

B.D. asks from Pittsburgh

Reading the paper this week they stated some absurd number of new televisions that will be purchased to watch the "big" game. Really??? We are still in an economic ...


JFF :Fall TV

B. asks from Augusta

k guys this is JFF What TV series' are you looking forward to coming back this fall? Are there any new series' you are looking forward to trying out this season?


2 Almost 3 Year Old at the Movies?

J.W. asks from Great Falls

So I am taking my son to the movies tonight to see Madagasgar 2. This is a first for us, but I figured he loves animals so I'm doing it. My question is, is there an...


Tics While Watching TV

F.T. asks from San Francisco

I know TV isn't the greatest thing for kids, but my 6 yr old daughter seems to have eye and head bobbing tics only while watching TV. This happens especially later i...


TV Time for My 4Yr Old

J.J. asks from Dallas

Sorry this turned out to be a venting session for a little too long. So I do not watch TV (1. i dont have time, 2. I try to not turn it on 3. i'll fall asl...