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Plasma TV Cleaner?

M.M. asks from St. Louis

Hi Mamas! Looking for suggestions on what to clean our plasma TV screen with (fingerprints all over it from the little ones)? I heard that you should not use Windex...


Play Places in and Around Bolingbrook, Plainfield or Shorewood, ILLINOIS

J.K. asks from Chicago

I know there is a Jump Zone in Bolingbrook, but I saw a picture of what it looks like, and with a 2 year old and 5 year old, I think I would have a heart attack tryin...


Television Buying Advice

R.N. asks from Cleveland

As a Christmas gift to the family, my husband and I have decided to get a new television. As I am not much of a television watcher, I was leaving it up to my husband ...


* WANTED * Portable DVD Player - What Do You Recommend?

P.B. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone, I'm hoping to buy a portable DVD play that can be used on the back of a car seat for long rides and on the airplane. I was wondering if anyone has an...


Just Moved with 4 Kids to the Aurora, IL Area!

A.A. asks from Chicago

My kids, ages 9,8, twin 7's just moved with my husband and I to Aurora, IL from Michigan and we have had enough "family time" and would like to meet other people. Wh...


Recommendations of a Good Portable DVD Player

C.S. asks from Chicago

Hello, Does anyone have any good recommendations for a good portable DVD player? Or even have some advice to stay away from some bad ones? We are taking our first p...


Looking for Care for Multiples

L.H. asks from Orlando

Hey all, I need a little help i'm a single mother of twins girls they just turned one in july i've been out of a job for sometime now but i need to get back to wor...


Baby Monitor Reviews - Which Is Best and Worst to Buy?

T.T. asks from Dallas

We bought the Fisher Price Duel Private Connection Monitor when my daughter was born 2 years ago and LOVED IT!!! Now it has static and some other issues. We purch...


Baby Video Monitor

A.H. asks from Dallas

Can any of you recommend a good quality baby video monitor? I have looked at the ones at Babies R Us but the two brands they carry received bad reviews. Anybody hav...


Do You Resemble Someone Famous?

C.J. asks from Milwaukee

I was just watching TMZ and Bam Magera from "Jackass" was on. He looks exactly like a friend of mine. I've been told I remind them of Ally Sheedy when she was in...