Morning Sickness: Preschooler

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Morning Sickness

S.B. asks from Corvallis

My daughter is pregnant with her first baby and she is having a terrible time with morning sickness..the doctor gave her some medication but its not working...any sug...


Morning Sickness

S.B. asks from Oklahoma City

I am pregnant with my second child and my morning sickness is soooo much worse than with my son. does anyone have any suggestions, other than crackers, to control it?...


Morning Sickness

T.F. asks from St. Joseph

Hello all, This will be 4th child, and I swear I have never had morning sickness like this before. I am kind of at a loss on what to do. It literally lasts all da...


Morning Sickness

K.W. asks from Scranton

This is my 3rd pregnancy and even though its the my kids are only 33 and 13 months, I can't remember if I had morning sickness like this before. I feel so absolutely...


Morning Sickness

H.C. asks from St. Louis

I am in my 6th week of my 2nd pregnancy and I feel like I'm dying. I started having morning sickness at 4 weeks and not just in the morning, all day long. It is so ...


Easing Morning Sickness

L.H. asks from Dayton

I have a niece who is 21 weeks pregnant. She started with morning sickness from day one and just last night was in the hospital for IV fluids to rehydrate her. I ha...


Morning sickness....HELP!

L.R. asks from Chicago

I'm on my second pregnancy and did not have any morning sickness with my first one. This one is killing me!!! I've never felt so sick in my life. And as for "morning"...


Morning Sickness ALL Day!

M.F. asks from Minneapolis

Ugh! I have had morning sickness all day, mostly in the evenings. Does anyone have any good tips/tricks I could try to alleviate the horrible feelings? I've heard ...


Morning Sickness Without Pregnancy?

H.F. asks from Minneapolis

I have been experiencing what seems exactly like morning sickness for the past week, I get mildly nausious most mornings and fel 100% better after I eat breakfast, on...


Help with Morning Sickness

T.C. asks from Minneapolis

So, I am 9 weeks pregnant (we are very excited!)and the morning sickness has hit full force. It is just a struggle to get up and moving in the morning. I have a very ...