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Kids with MONO?

X.V. asks from New York

My 2yr old daughter has been diagnosed with mononucleosis (MONO). It started out as a throat infection, tonsils full of puss, swollen glands, and on & off fever. Af...


Babysitter Has Mono

A.A. asks from San Diego

Oh no! Our regular babysitter has mono. She watches my two girls (ages 6 months and 6 years) while I work part-time. Her doctor said that it very rarely spreads to...



M.S. asks from Salinas

Anyone had experience with their teen having mono? I had my daughter do a blood test because she has been very lethargic and sleeping a TON the last few months. I tho...



S.W. asks from Dallas

I just received a call from my step mother and she has just been to the dr. who told her that she has mono. She was just with my children 2 weeks ago and the dr. sai...



L.J. asks from New Orleans

So my son started with stomach pain and vomiting on Saturday the 24th of January. Monday his doctor was out so by that night I took him in because he was vomiting st...



✿.3. asks from Reading

Hello! So my litle one (4 year old) was diagnosed with mono last week and I was just diagnosed with it yesterday. Now what? My doctor put me on steroids for 10 days...


Mono Mono Twins

S.G. asks from Davenport

my sister in law is pregnant for the first time with mono mono twins. has anyone had mono mono twins if so any advice i should give her or anything she should know t...


Six Year Old with mononucleosis...any Advice?

R.S. asks from San Antonio

My six year old son was sent home from school Friday with a sore throat, nausea, and wheezing (he has been recovering from bronchitis, finishing up an antibiotic). ...


Mono-mono Twins

A.S. asks from New York

hi, im have already asked a question on twins and the responses wer so helpfull, but this question is about my fears. i have been told i am carrying mono-mono twins ...


MONO! Help!

K.K. asks from Saginaw

my DD has mono, she's 14 and she's so sick. High fevers, can barely get out of bed...we are on day 6 and all we can do is just keep giving her tylenol and water and ...