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Has Anyone of You Been Advised to Use CLOMID Alongside with Premarin?

P.C. asks from Washington DC

Hi, I have fairly regular monthly periods. I just got married last year. Me and my hubby would like to have a baby. We went to the oB and we were advised to use clom...


Other Moms' Opinions of Ovulation Test Kits

A.H. asks from Rockford

I'm just curious how many moms out there have tried the ovulation predictor kits... Have you found them to be helpful? Accurate? We've been trying to conceive another...


Ovulation Kits

A. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, Well, DH and I have decided to try for #2! Ive just visited my OB/GYN for my consultative visit, have my prenatals, etc. Have any of you used a good ov...


Pregnancy Advice

N.S. asks from Portland

Hello, I have used mamasource and gotten good responses before, so I am hoping to get some good advice for this next question. Do ovulation kits really work? My hu...


Ovulation Help

M.M. asks from Chicago

Yea I know the subject sounds funny, but with my first pregnancy I remembered the correct ovulation time, and correct pregnant right away. After two years, I think my ...


Ovulation Tests

S.B. asks from Chicago

What's your take on using an ovulation kit to determine when you're ovulating? We're trying to conceive our second child (the first was a surprise), so I'm curious wh...



N.F. asks from Washington DC

Anyone conceive with clomid? I have not got my period since June 06 (without it being forced) so my dr. doesn't think I'm ovulating. My testerone is slightly higher an...


Anyone Tried the OV Watch?

C.U. asks from Chicago

Starting to think about #2.... has anyone tried the OV Watch, did you like it....would you recommend it? Do you have one to borrow/sell? It took us 2 years to get pr...


Trying for Baby #2....has Anyone Used an Ovulation Kit?

S.A. asks from Seattle

I just had my IUD removed on 8/31. We are using condoms now to give my body a couple months to normalize before getting pregnant. But when we start trying, I was think...


Which Ovulation Kit Is Best?

D.H. asks from Fayetteville

Hello Ladies. I am seeking some advice on Ovulation Kits. We have been trying to get pregnant for 3 months after having a Mirena IUD removed 5 months ago. The first 2 ...