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Inlaws and Money

K.R. asks from Sherman

not sure exactly what i am trying to ask here.... my mother in law raise her 3 boys on the own. one of which began to have children early. He has always cared for, w...


Career Counseling for Stay at Home Moms

A.R. asks from Chicago

Hi, I am in need of Career advice. I have been a stay-at-home-mom for 5 years and I feel that I need to get up to date with my career (Administrative Assistant). ...


Career Change

S.M. asks from Dallas

hello ladies,i am looking for a job that i'll be able to drop off my kids to school and to be able to picked them up afterschool.(8-3).


How to Help a Teenager Decide What Career to Choose?

K.M. asks from San Francisco

Hello, I'm trying to help my teenage little nephew decide what career path to choose. He is 16 and has been raised by my aunt and uncle (instead of his own parents) a...


For Those Moms Who Gave up a Career to Stay Home... or Thought About It

D.M. asks from Denver

So so torn... IF it were possible to give up my job - which I love, which pays over 100K per year.. which is flexible with my schedule (other than occaional overnig...


Messed up Marriage - Help Me to Get Hold of Finance

M.M. asks from San Francisco

Thanks to all who answered my post and encouraged me ..those who haven't here's my situation...I have 3 special need kids and I stay home...I found out that my husban...


Medical Transcription? Career Step? WAHM?

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

So my husband and I are buying a house that's going to make things tight for a little while. Well, we aren't 100% committed to the idea yet but we have a purchase agr...


Feeling Stuck in Regards to Career Options

C.C. asks from San Francisco

Hello I am about to turn 47 years old. I have a seven year old and a two-year-old. For the last 20 years I have made my living working as an aesthetician. This is...


Career Path - If You Were in My Shoes-where Would You Go?

M.H. asks from Madison

Hi Mamas, Since we're all moms here I thought this would be the best place to brainstorm my current career ideas, thoughts, etc. I want to know your opinions of d...


How to Handle Husband's Wish to Change Career

C.B. asks from New York

Hello moms. I am hoping someone out there has had the experience of a husband making a drastic career change or going back to school, etc. My hubby just dropped the b...