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SAHM To Becoming a Career Woman

E.B. asks from Miami

Is it possible to go from a SAHM to a career woman to with a degree like an editor. I feel something is missing in my life. Maybe its boredom or because I'm going to ...


Career Switch-Teaching

N.B. asks from Washington DC

I am looking into a career switch. I found a teaching program at a local University. It is a 1 year "career switch" program. I would be interested in teaching Biol...


Feeling Guilty for Giving up My Career.

T.R. asks from New York

For years I had "working mother's" guilt. Now, I'm finally able to stay home, and I have "walking away from my career" guilt. Has anyone else ever experienced this? ...


Making a Career Change... Suggestions?

O.L. asks from Los Angeles

My kiddies are all in school and it's starting to feel like the time to begin looking at the different options for a career change. I'm hoping to find something with ...


How Did You Decide What Career to Study?

Y.C. asks from New York

Now that my daughter will be staring preschool, I want to go back to school. I don't want to spend the time or money on a University, I would rather a short career, ...


How to Figure Out Which Career Path Is Right for You ???

D.C. asks from Dallas

Hi, we were talking with our friends today about jobs, careers and such and it got me thinking about my own..... I work as a daycare provider and I'm not happy ...


Husband's Mid-life Career Exhaustion- Is This Normal?

K.S. asks from Denver

My husband is something of a workaholic, and really he tends to overdo everything he gets involved in. Like a dive head-first kind of guy. He is a hard worker, and ha...


Thinking of Career Change Any Suggestions?????

N.A. asks from Philadelphia

Hey Mamas I am thanking of switching careers and need some ideas. Currently in Real Estate but that's not working out the way I had expected. Was thinking about ...


Stepping Away from My Career

N.L. asks from Chicago

Hello mommies. It has been a while since I posted a question. Recently my position was eliminated and I have been staying at home with my 3 kids this summer. I did...


Looking for a New Career

S. asks from St. Louis

I am looking to change my career. I HATE my job and ready to do something about it. My mom has offered to help me go back to school at night, weekends, online, or wha...