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21 Month Old Still Not Talking

S.S. asks from Des Moines

My son just turned 21 months old at the end of February & he just started "repeating" mama back to us when we ask him "Can you say mama?" I am told & have read that ...


19 Month Old Son - Doesn't Talk...

P.M. asks from Denver

I'll start by saying that at our 18 month check up, the pediatrician wasn't worried - I voiced my concerns that our son wasn't really talking. At 19 months he hardly ...


Drastic Career Change - for Working Mamas!

C.P. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms - I thought this might be the best forum to ask this! I'm looking at making a major change in careers to put more focus on my family. My oldest is about to fi...


How to Survive a 13 Hour Plane Trip with a 17 Month Old??

A.B. asks from Portland

My husband and I are flying from West coast US to Australia next month with our 17 month old son. His favorite word is down and he is NOT a cuddler!!! I am starting t...


18 Month Old Not Talking

A.U. asks from Atlanta

My 18 month old son is not talking yet. He hasn't even uttered the word momma or ma ma. Everyone has always stressed the importance of not using baby talk with kiks, ...


Traveling with 22 Month Old Son

S.M. asks from Cincinnati

My husband and I are goingt o Florida in July, and we are taking our 22 month old son with us. I was thinking of taking a babysitter with us, his regular sitter can c...


My 19 Month Daughter Is Out of Control.

E.B. asks from Sarasota

Hi there mommy's.. I'm having a problem with my 19 month old daughter. She's been hitting, boring, scratching, kicking only me, I'm with her 24 hours a day and he fat...


20 Month Old Won't Speak

K.W. asks from Minneapolis

I have a beautiful, otherwise healthy 20 month old son who will not speak. He has said a few words (mama, dada, shoes, even banana once) in the past and still will s...


16 Month Old Not Walking

L.B. asks from Provo

I have a 16 month old who will cruise around the furniture and will walk with his toy walker, however he seems to have no desire to walk on his own. when i put him do...


My Daughter Refuses to Listen About Money.

D.L. asks from Panama City

When my daughter go her first job over the summer we told her we weren't going to tell her how to spend the money or make her save it. We wanted her to learn these le...