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Transitioning from Nuby Sippy Cup to Hard Spout

My son(11.5 months) has used a Nuby sippy cup since he was 6 months old to drink water and juice. He holds them well and loves to drink from them. I have been a bit disappointed, though, because all of his sippies have started to leak like crazy over the past month, so I figured it would be a good time to transition to another cup since I can't stand the leakage wanted to transition him to a bigger cup anyway. I purchased the gerber sippies with handles and a harder spout(still a bit soft). It has a valve to control leaking, but my son will...

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How Do You Help a 3 Year Old Child Give up a Binky/pacifier?

Hello! I have a son that is turning 3 years old in less than two weeks and he is VERY attached to his binky. We have tried to limit it's use to naps and nighttime but he constantly asks for it if he is hurt or bored. I told him it needs to go soon. I asked him if he wants a big boy toy in it's place or to send it to a baby that needs it. He absolutely refuses. In fact, some nights he yells out for it. I'm actually dreading the nights he has to adjust without it. I know it can't be worse than bringing home a newborn. But the thought...

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Sippy Cup Dilemma

My son is six months old, and I am trying to get him to drink some diluted juice out of a sippy cup. We have the gerber beginner ones with the handles on the side and the stopper to keep it from leaking... and he wont drink from it. He doesn't even want it in his mouth. He just takes it and throws it off the table. I was thinking about getting those Nuby ones, since they operate like bottle nipples, dont leak much at all, and seem to have pretty high recommendations. Problem is... when he was born, he absolutely HATED silicone nipples. ...


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Hi: My daughter is 17 weeks now, exclusively breastfed and she's grown like...