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Car Seats - Graco SportsComfort Vs. Cosco Scenera

Hi all - I am hoping that your good advice will help me make an educated decision! We are leaving for vacation soon and need to buy a second car seat for the plane ride and need one that will also be comfortable for a 2-3 hour drive from Orlando to Naples. (We will be at Walt Disney World for a few days and then driving to see my in laws for a day or two so not a lot a "driving" time!) Also this second car seat will be in my car as a back up in case my husband cannot pick up the kids in time. We currently have a Grace Nautilus 3-1 in his...


Big Girl Car Seat

Hi Ladies! I just have a question for you all. I have a 9 month old who is...


Big Boy Car Seat

I am starting my search on purchasing the front facing car seat for my 9...

Recurring Expenses

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Food Budget Monthly

Hi Mommy's- I am trying to build a compelling case to my husband to stay home after my second child is born in December. I make very good money and it would be alot of family income to give up. My husband and I started looking at our budget and I was so shocked and disappointed in the money we waste. Thank god we are not in debt but our monthly outflow on eating out and groceries is astonamical. I want to change this immediately. It's not that we eat out alot it's that we go to expensive restaurants. The answer is easy to that one go...


Money a Huge Problem

Hi ladies, well my husband and i make enough money monthly to cover our...