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Ideas for ONE Goody-bag Gift for 5-Year-old Party?

A couple of moms and I are going in on a joint birthday party for our kids, who all turn 5 around the same time. We're looking for a good idea for a party giveaway, and like the idea of finding a single thing/toy to give the kids, boys and girls, vs. a bag full of trinkets & candy. Looking to spend $2-4 per kid, if possible. Does anyone have ideas?


Money Saving Tips

Hello Moms, I know many of us have been trying to save money/spend less in...


Store Brand Diapers

I have tried Meijer's Whisper soft diapers size 5, I didn't like them...The...

Kids & Money

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Teaching the Value of Money

I'm not sure if this is typical of the age group, or if we need to do something different. My daughter is 10, and LOVES American Girl Dolls. She has been the luckiest girl and since she was 6 her great-grandma has bought her an American Girl Doll for Christmas and sometimes for her birthday. She has nine American Girl dolls, which I think is unheard-of. That being said, she treats them all wonderfully and we are proud of her for that. We've tried to teach her the value of earning money, she gets allowance and we stopped buying her...


Money Saving Tips

Hello Moms, I know many of us have been trying to save money/spend less in...


Shopping with Kids?

how do you deal with "mommy can we buy this?" in the store? what are some...

Recurring Expenses

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Living on Credit Cards

Financially we are quite a mess, and at odds as to what to do! So please, any advice would be helpful. Our credit score is excellent, we manage to pay things on time, because we keep borrowing from our credit cards. We are over 115,000 in debt, and that does NOT include the large mortgage. We are an average family, we don't make a lot of $, we bought a home too expensive, and had debt going into it, but now it's way worse. We are not upside down, just have more going out then whats coming in. We'd like to keep good credit, because...