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Little Kids Shoes - Worth the Money?

Hi My son is almost 4yrs old. I have purchased most of his shoes from Target or Wal-Mart in the past. Recently a mom was talking about how bad it is for your kids developing feet to buy 'cheap' shoes. My son's feet are growing so I have looked at 'Stride-Rite', Crocs, Timberland etc and I'm finding it hard to justify $45 or more for a pair of shoes for a 4yr old. Do you buy 'better quality shoes' (?) for your kids and if so what brands do you recommend please?

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Where Do You Go and What Do You Spend on Shoes for Your Kids?

Last month we bought new shoes for our 5 year old. After trying on about 12 pairs, we finally found something that fit his foot well and had enough room to grow. He has already outgrown them! (and his pants...) I'm sure I'm not the only one with a kid growing like this, but it's the first time he's blown through shoes like this. I feel silly for having put so much time and effort (and the money, even though they were only $20 and he needs to have shoes) into this purchase. What do you do? Are there good deals on kids shoes? Do you...