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Stroller Questions and Opinions Wanted

J.B. asks from Los Angeles

If money wasnt an issue... what double stroller would get buy? Double Bob? DuoGlider? What are your thoughts? Thank you!


Can He Take Out All Money from Joint Bank Account?

M.M. asks from Tucson

Its after 5pm so i cant ask my lawyer right now, but its is driving me nuts! I filed for divorce in April so we have a case number and everything. I was under the as...


Seeking Good Double Jogger

A.C. asks from Phoenix

I have a 3 year old and baby on the way and would like to have a jogger for walks/running 5 days/week..Any suggestions? and is the BOB worth the money?


Do You LOVE Your Double Stoller???

J.C. asks from San Francisco

I would love to know your double stoller recommendations. I have a 19 month old and am due with baby in about 3 weeks. I've absolutely LOVED our single Bob and woul...


Do I Need a Double Stroller When #2 Arrives?

D.C. asks from Fresno

I am having a baby in November and my son will be 20months old. We really want to buy a jogging stoller but are not sure if we will need a double. My husband wants ...


Is Hooked on Phonics Worth the Money?

V.D. asks from Salt Lake City

Anyone tired out the hooked on phonics program. I'm looking into it for the pre-k program.


Who Is Responsible

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

I have a somewhat legal question but moreso want opinions My boyfriend Collin's brother Dan was borrowing a machine free of charge from a mutual friend Bob. Coll...


Searching for a Good Hair Stylist

C.G. asks from Chicago

Well, once AGAIN I let a hair stylist tell me what type of haircut I had....then proceed to give me what she 'thought' I wanted!! - I HAD an INVERTED BOB which is sho...


Need Advice on Double Strollers

S.B. asks from Philadelphia

I have a 13 month old son and am almost 7 months pregnant. I'm looking for some advice on double strollers. I've looked at Phil & Ted's, the BOB, and just saw the Bu...


Need Advice on Purchasing a Double Stroller

T.T. asks from Denver

I am due in June with my second and my son will be 18mos and we need advice on strollers. Has anyone used the Phil adn Ted's double sport stroller or the Bob revolut...