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Where Did Your Newborn Sleep?

I'm feeling very torn. I definitely plan on having my baby (due Oct) in my room for at least a few months, and definitely not in my bed (nothing against cosleeping, just not for me). With my first daughter we used a pack n' play in our room. She never slept well in it, I think those mattresses are really uncomfortable. After a few months I made my husband dismantle and move her crib into our room, where she slept until she was six months and then we moved the crib (and her) back to her room. So, for this baby I was thinking about...


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Sharing Bed Room with Baby- How to Make the Master/nursery Work Well.

Baby #2 is on the way, she will need to be in our bedroom until we can handle a move to a bigger house. I'm planning on using one of those three in one play yards to get her change table and sleeping in our room as my two-year-old will still have the nursery. My question is, are these comfy for sleeping long term? Any better ideas for keeping baby in mom and dad room? I saw a small round crib with a canopy drape and it seemed like a good way to keep the room dark for baby while we use the room. What have some of you done when sharing...


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Are Swim Classes Worth It? If Not, How Do You Teach a Kid to Swim?

My 4 year old doesn't know how to swim yet and I'd like him to learn this summer. I initially thought I would enroll him in swimming classes but now that I know they're $20/lesson on average, I'm starting to wonder if it's worth it. I don't know the first thing to teaching a kid how to swim though. How did your kids learn and how long did it take them? Tips on how to teach? Thanks!

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Different Generations of Moms - Is It Just Me?

I'm an old mom - just putting that out there. I'm almost 52, have a teen and a tween, my DH is younger than me, in his middle 40's. It seems that there are 2 very different generations of mom - here on mamapedia and even in my office. Is it just me or is this something that you also notice? Seems the old-moms like me (I have sisters who are grandmothers) grew up in the 60's and 70's, maybe 80's. Our ideas about manners, relationships with MIL's, expectations & relationships with DHs and opinions about raising kids seem so very...