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Toddler Time

H.A. asks from Chicago

Hello moms.. Just wonderingnhow you SAHM fill your day with a toddler not in school. I try to limit our day to 1 or 2 hours max of TV. We do playdates and dance, g...


Keep My Little Ones Quiet in Church!

R.R. asks from Chicago

Hey, moms-- Anybody have any ideas on how to keep my 3- and 4-year-old daughter and son quiet during service? They love the choir, and when they were younger, the...


Need Help with Activities for 19 Month Old

A.W. asks from Seattle

HI- I don't even know what to title this request but I need some advice. And I am sure that once our weather gets better and we can get outside more, then I will fe...


Front-facing Car Seat That Is FAA Approved for Planes

C.M. asks from Los Angeles

hi Moms, In her first year my daughter has already ridden on several plane trips, but never in her own seat. she has just been in my lap each time. She's getting...



J.B. asks from Albuquerque

i was curious to get some other moms advice i have two girls that share a bedroom, 4 and 3. me and my husband disagree on the cleaning. i think that they are old enou...


Preparing for Kindergarden

M.F. asks from Denver

Hi Moms I am looking for a book or curriculum for my 16th mth that will help him when he starts Pre School and Kindergarden. Do you know of an online program or boo...


Advice on "Talking Up" a Trip to the Dentist

L.N. asks from Seattle

My 3 year old daughter had her first trip to the dentist last week. From the start of us talking about the appointment she has had very negative feelings about going...


Help with New Girlfriend

J.K. asks from Madison

Hello my wonderful moms. I am a divorced (as of 11/08) mom of 2. I recently found out that my ex is dating. He has been with the gf for less than a month and he has h...


"Racism at Four?"

N.D. asks from Boston

Hi Moms, My family and I went on a cruise to Bermuda. Most of the staff on board were from the Phillipines. When my friend asked my four year old daughter, Eva, h...


Creative Learning for Preschool

S.T. asks from Kansas City

Ok moms you all have such great ideas I need some help with some creative preschool learning! I'm going to start off with the basics colors, shapes, different animals...