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Baby Throws up a Lot!

B.H. asks from Phoenix

My little guy is almost 3 months old now and pretty much after every feeding, he throws up when he burps. Sometimes he throws up in between feedings. It is enough t...


Stomach Reflux

M.R. asks from Orlando

please help me my 6 week old baby girl was born 4 weeks early has stomach reflux. She screams with pain after feeding and burping is there anything else I can do othe...


Milk Allergy in Toddler

S.B. asks from Boston

Hi! My 21 month old son was diagnosed with milk protein allergy when he was an infant. Eliminating dairy from his diet (and mine - I breastfed until he was 16 months ...


Better Tasting Formula for Occassional Use

L.D. asks from San Antonio

I am currently nursing my 7 month old. He is growing more and more difficult to nurse in public; it is actually to the point where it is impossible now. He finally ...


Need Advice Re. Baby and Liquid Vitamins

A.S. asks from Phoenix

Hi. My baby is 10 weeks old and is being breastfed 100%. The doctor said to give him liquid vitamins. I am taking a wonderful nutritional suppliment (Reliv - if an...


4 Month Old Eating Too Much?

S.K. asks from Lansing

Hi Moms, My daughter, who is 16 weeks old weighs about 12 pounds. I know this is average for her age group. Anyway, she's eating 6 ounces of formula every 2 1/2 to...


Spitting Up/acid Reflux

L.L. asks from Dallas

My son is 3 months old and has reflux. He takes medicine twice a day for it, we also have tried several formulas. He was on the enfamil AR for a while then i noticed ...


Don't Want to Give up Breast Feeding

R.K. asks from Buffalo

My daughter was recently put on formula after a 2 month battle with screaming and watery sour smelling BM's. Her ped put her on Nutramigen made by enfamil. i had a re...


Breastfeeding New Born & Some Formula

A.L. asks from Houston

Ladies hello, I just had a baby girl last week!!! I am breastfeeding, however after some feedings she seems hangry still, so I supplement with formula. When I talk...


Splotchy Face Baby While Eating

D.B. asks from Detroit

Hey there my wonderful fountain of useful info moms...My son is almost 7 months old. We've been feeding him Gerber baby cereal and Gerber baby foods for a while now,...