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"Mature" Skin and Mineral Makeup?

S.W. asks from Green Bay

I am 42 years old and so have a few wrinkles starting here and there. I also have some scarring due to acne as a youth. I read many wonderful things about mineral m...


Gluten Free Skin Products

A.R. asks from Cincinnati

I am wondering if anyone knows specifically of any skin care products, such as soaps, facial cleanser, moisturizers, shampoos, makeup, etc. that are all natural and m...


Hanging Skin Turning Black.

J.B. asks from New York

3 years ago I gave birth vaginally to my son and had 2cd degree lacerations. I was stitched up and healed, however, once healed, I did have one piece of hanging skin ...


"Skin Tags!" EWWW

L.U. asks from Seattle

My husband has a LOT of skin tags around his neck and armpits. And these are not little guys! They are not HUGE, but they are definitly big. It kinda grosses him o...


Skin Care Regime

S.S. asks from Seattle

I need a skincare regime to keep up with me. I am in my mid thirties and want to know what creams ( overnight) are good to help keep my skin looking fresh. What prod...


Itchy Skin Around the Eyes

A.T. asks from Denver

My daughter has exzema that is mostly controlled by diet and Eucerin Calming Creme lotion. (She also has allergies.) However, about a month ago, the skin around her...


Strange Skin Issue?

B.F. asks from Toledo

Hello everyone! I have a question about my 4 year old and this strange red rash-looking mark on his face. We were inside at home playing, he was fine one moment, an...


Has Anyone Experienced This Skin Condition?

L.D. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi Moms! Has anyone experienced molluscum contagiosum in their kids. My son has had bumps on his skin. Pediatrician "froze" them off a couple months ago. He said ...


Seeking Help for Son's Skin Condition

M.S. asks from Houston

My son has had a rash with little bumps on the side of his chest for over a year now. His pediatrician said that it is a skin condition called Molluscum Contagiosum ...


Splotchy Skin on My 16 Month Old's Joints

P.C. asks from Charlotte

My 16 month old daughter has developed white splotches around her elbows and knees. She's had them for about 2 months. She has eczema (on her feet tops, back of one...