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Skin Propblem on My 21 Month Old- Don't Know What It Is???

S.H. asks from Phoenix My daughter has had this weird...shall we say skin issue, in the groin (where her leg meets...


Help with Son's Itchy Skin!

C.W. asks from Detroit

Hi! This is my first request on Mamasource. Both of my children have eczema (all over their bodies, but worse on their hands and feet). We have prescription steroi...


Splotchy Skin on My 16 Month Old's Joints

P.C. asks from Charlotte

My 16 month old daughter has developed white splotches around her elbows and knees. She's had them for about 2 months. She has eczema (on her feet tops, back of one...


Red Raised Spots on 15 Month Old's Cheeks

B.H. asks from Benton Harbor

My daughter has always had red cheeks, but in the last 3 months there is one very defined red, raised spot on each cheek. It doesn't seem to bother her but I want to...


2 Month Old with Rash on Face

J.G. asks from Columbia

Hey ladies!! I'm hoping you can help... About 4 weeks ago my baby and I both developed trush. We both went to the doctor and he prescribed the usual for my baby and ...


Help with Eczema

S. asks from Chicago

My 5 month old has a small patch of eczema on his cheek. I've used hydrocortisone cream, aquaphor and eucerin. Sometimes it goes away a little but always keeps coming...


Looking for a Dermatologist in Orange County

L.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Moms Well I have been batteling a skin thing for about (3) months. I have been to my regular dr. twice and it is still here. It is bumps with itchiness that ...


Itchy Rash During Pregnancy (?? Prurigo??)

J.G. asks from Chicago

I'm 13 weeks pregnant with our second baby, and last Thursday I started having an itchy rash on random spots of my body. They look like tiny little bumps (sometimes t...



K.B. asks from Charlotte

My 16 week old baby has had bad eczema for about 7 or 8 weeks and I cannot keep it under control. I have tried many different ointments (aquafour, aveeno, vaseline, ...


White Flakey Thing and Tiny Brown Spot on My Two Year Old Daughter's Scalp

H.S. asks from Eugene

I just noticed my two year old daughter has white flakey things and brown spot on her head. Her top of scalp are kind of covered with that condition. It just looks ...