Moles, Growths & Cancer: Teen

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Burning Mole

T.N. asks from Detroit

I have had a mole on my leg for as long as I can remember but lately when it's touched it burns really bad.. what could be causing a mole to burn.. I've never heard o...


16 Year Old Wants Tanning Membership

M.K. asks from Dallas

Back about 23 years ago at age 16 I went tanning. At 17-20 I worked at one and had a nice tan. But since then I've never been in sun much or have been into being dar...


Any Advice/thoughts/info About Having Birthmark (Flat Mole) Removed on 5 Year Ol

M.D. asks from Cincinnati

I'm really looking for any help/advice on a very important decision my husband and I have to make. Our 5 yeard old son has a large birthmark on his neck. It is about ...


17 Year Old with Irregular Periods

L.J. asks from Seattle

I have a seventeen year old that was told by a chinese herb doctor that because of her acne her periods are irregular. She gave her some tea that she suppose to drink...


Sun/heat Skin Discoloration in 14 Month Old ...

J.L. asks from Springfield

My 14 mo. old has a strange reaction to the sun and I wondered if anyone else had experienced this with their children. She's very fair skinned and I keep her slathe...


Don't Know What to Do - Just Found Out 17 Year Old Son Has Been Smoking Pot

Z.Z. asks from Washington DC

While my husband was taking my younger two children upstairs for a bath before bedtime, I smelled an odor in the living room and asked my husband to come back down to...


How to Deal with 18YO Teen Issues ...

W.L. asks from Houston

My oldest daughter turned 18 today. She's a senior in high school, taking second year of Cosmetology thru her school, works about 12 hours a week, loves Cosmo and do...


Cancer in Our Furry Family Member

H.H. asks from Orlando

I just got the call from the vet today. It was a bit of a shock. Cancer. 2 weeks ago, she was just anemic, but after seeing the doctor for the follow up, we were told...


How Much Freedom for a 17 Year Old?

C.L. asks from Boston

My daughter is a senior in high school. Next year she will go to college. I have begun the process of "letting go" and giving her more freedom to make her own choices...


Teenagers, Skin Cleanser for Boys. and First Make up for Girls

M.L. asks from Cleveland

2 questions: My son is starting to get a few blemishes. Just wondering is there a brand for boys that maybe I'm forgetting about or do you buy your son's noxema or ...