Molar pregnancy

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Anyone Who Has Taken a Pregnancy Test

J.L. asks from Minneapolis

Sunday night i took a pregnancy test, it said if you see a PLUS sign in the window your probly pregnant. Well I saw a PLUS sign but the Vertical line was really dark ...


Seeking Help in Early Pregnancy Issues

A.E. asks from Memphis

I am pregnant with our second child. The doctor seems to think that I am only a little past four weeks pregnant. I am concerned for two reasons. First, my doctor put ...


Period Hasn't Started but Have Negative Pregnancy Test Results!

S.B. asks from Columbia

I was due to start my period Dec. 29th. I waited until Dec. 31st to take a home pregnancy test and it was negative. It is now Jan. 1st and I still have not started my...


Needing Support. Normal Pregnancy Has Become High Risk.

B.D. asks from Dallas

O.K. I'm 28 and am 5 months prenant. I have a healthy 2 year old boy. I suffer from a thyroid disease that is under control using Levothyroxin. During my 1 or 2nd mon...


Anyone Know a Good Obstetrician in Provo?

J.W. asks from Provo

I am looking for a doctor to help with my possibly high-risk pregnancy and I don't know what to think. I've lost my previous two pregnancies already (one was partial...


Positive Pregnancy Tests

D.E. asks from St. Louis

Hi moms- Now that I know I am pregnant how long do I have to wait before I tell people? Most everyone in our families and most of our friends know we had been trying...


Pregnancy After D & C

A.R. asks from Hartford

Hi-- this is very hard for me and I know some of you (if not most) out there understand what I am going through. I had my 10 week ultrasound this past Saturday where...


Unsure How to Feel....

C.C. asks from Eau Claire

So my hubby and I have been trying to conceive (see previous posts). Friday I went to the dr and my HCG levels were 6415. Because I've been bleeding they ordered an...


High HCG Level

P.B. asks from New York

Ladies am kinda worried ! Am currently 8 weeks pregnant. I had my blood work done when i was 7 weeks and 5 days along. I got my results today. The Progesterone level ...


Stick It Out or Go for It? UPDATED

L.. asks from Roanoke

Mamas, I need your opinion. This is a little sensitive for me, so bear with me while I spill my guts. Not sure if any of you know my story, but I had a missed ...