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Crafty Moms Need Ides for Halloween Crafts for Kindergaten Class

P.P. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone, my daughter's kinder Halloween party is two weeks from today. I offered to make easy crafts for the children to make/finish. What are good ideas for Hal...


How Do I Change Her Diaper? :O)

V.R. asks from Modesto

My 8 month old daughter has recently become very mobile (hasn't crawled yet) and has decided that she wants to try to move when I change her diaper. She ends up roll...


Seeking Advice from Mom's Who've Recently Flown W/ an Infant

N.S. asks from Dallas

I will be flying next week for the first time with my 10 month old daughter. Luckily it's a short flight - Dallas to Kansas City. Has anyone flown since all the ...


Things to Do with a 7 Month Old.

M.P. asks from Provo

I"M SOOOO BORED!!!!! I feel like I'm not doing enough with my son, but there isn't a lot that I can think of doing. We play with toys, feed, change bums, go for walks...


Rainy Day Activities for Your Preschooler?

L.L. asks from Lexington

It has been raining the past couple days and I am out of ideas!! I have a newly mobile 10 month old (very good crawler/cruiser, no walking yet) and a VERY active 2 1...


Craft Idea for Older Children at My One Year Old's Bday Party

J.B. asks from Houston

Hey mamas, I am hoping some of you creative geniuses can help me out! We are celebrating my one year old's bday this weekend but I will have about 6 older children ...


Ideas for a Momento with Socks

M.H. asks from Albuquerque

My mother-in-law who passed away this past March had given me a pair of red socks for Christmas one year. When I was planning for the hospital visit when I was havin...


Favorite Art Projects?

E.J. asks from Lincoln

I'm going to start being a part time nanny for a very bright 3 year old. We are coming up with a schedule for her day and one of the things is an art project. I hav...


Service Project Ideas for Children's Group at My Church

M.W. asks from Boise

My church wants the kids (age 4 to 11) to do a service project for the needy that does not require tons of money but can require time or a little bit of money. What ...


Ideas for a 4 and 2 Yr Old.

J.R. asks from New York

Im running out of *fun* ideas for my girls. I try to do a few crafts a week with them and well ... the idea well is running dry lately. Anyone have any ideas that a...