Miscarriage: Toddler

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T.C. asks from Minneapolis

I just had a miscarriage this week and it has been a very difficult time. I keep thinking about what if I can't have anymore kids. Just looking for other people who h...



D.N. asks from Chicago

For those that have had a miscarriage, or know someone that did, (first trimester) did you have bad cramps or preetty mild? Also, did you go to the ER or did your do...



J.S. asks from Minneapolis

I was 8-9 weeks along with our second child. This week my doctor confirm no heartbeat and no growth. My body didn't and still hasn't shown any signs or symptoms of ...



S.M. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone.. I just had a miscarriage last week. I have one child already. I am so scared/sad/so many feelings.. I am a private person so having a hard time sharin...


No Miscarriage

T.M. asks from Los Angeles

This is my first time pregnant. I read everywhere about women ttc and how hard it is for some. Im scared because it seems like I always read about miscarriage. Is the...



M.C. asks from Seattle

I've had a miscarrige about 3 years ago...after that happend the doctor had just told me to wait at leat 3 months berfore i got pregnant again for i can let my body r...



G.B. asks from Dallas

May 8th was my last period. On June 2 I found out I was pregnant. Follwoing week I went in for blood work. Preog 15 (was put on progesterone supp) and HCG 40. 2 days ...



H.K. asks from Columbus

I just had a baby about 2-3 months ago and I got on the Depo Shot on Jan. 5th. I ovulated Jan 10th, which is not normal, and my husband and I had sex the night before...



C.C. asks from Denver

May be to much information Sorry:( I'm may have been about 6 weeks pregnant i was going to the doctor Thursday to find out. Today I started craping and about 4 o"co...



M.P. asks from Chicago

To any moms who've experienced miscarriage: I lost my twins at 7wks Monday. I know it could've been harder-- they could've been 20 weeks or something, and I could...