Milk Storage: Similac

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How Long to Dry up Breast Milk and How to Do It.

A.P. asks from Fort Wayne

My son was born on the 23rd of Dec and I have been breastfeeding. I wanted to at least give him the immunities that only breast milk can offer. Now I'm ready to be do...


Breast Milk to Soy Milk

V.K. asks from Sacramento

My Daughter is going to be 14 months old soon. I have been giving her breast milk this entire time but am ready to stop pumping now. She has not nursed since she wa...


Breast Milk Drying Up

T.S. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 3 month old son that I have breast fed up until about 3 weeks ago. My breast milk starting dwindling and in order to make sure he was full I also started gi...


Enfamil or Similac

T.H. asks from Columbus

Hi ladies, I am wondering if any of you have had the experience of using both of these brands and can help me make a decision on which to go with. I used Similac Iso...


Ok to Breast Milk Thru Bottlr and Formula Feed?

A.H. asks from Elkhart

I'm breast milk feeding through the bottle, but i don't seem to be producing enough for her to i have to give her formula too. is this ok?


Baby Refuses Formula... Need Suggestions/alternatives to Breast Milk

C.S. asks from Wichita Falls

My daughter is 6 months, and will only take a bottle if it's pumped breast milk. She refuses formula. I have low milk supply, and it is very difficult to pump. In ...


How to Store Pumped Breastmilk...?

K.G. asks from Chicago

I have some questions about the storage of my breast milk. I've been reading conflicting opinions on other websites... 1. What is the best/safest way to thaw it? ...


Similac Advance - Formula Question

B.L. asks from San Francisco

Since our baby was born, she was breastfed, but needed a supplement. We continued using the formula we started on in the hospital - Similac Advance. She has been doin...


Similac Human Milk Fortifier

M.B. asks from Dallas

Hi all - Our baby is finally out of the NICU! :) However, they sent her home on Human Milk Fortifier to fatten her up. Does anyone know where we can buy this - a ...


Switching from Similac to Enfamil (Add On)

J.S. asks from Jacksonville

My daughter has been supplementing with Similac Advanced but was given a container of Enfimil at the hospital. They are the same as far as ingrediants and the DHA an...