Milk Storage: Avent

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Reheating Breast Milk

I.Z. asks from Los Angeles

I have 1 month old baby, i am pumping breast milk, but i found different info how to reheat the milk after i am taking it out from refrigerator. Is there any special ...


Low Breast Milk Supply

E.M. asks from Norfolk

Hi all: Any advice on how to increase breast milk production? I work full time and have to use a pump. My son does not latch on well and breastfeeding has been too...


Switching from Breast Milk to Formula

A.K. asks from Washington DC

My husband nd I are going to be going on a vaction in Febraury - Adults only. I currently breast feed my 4 monyh old son but want to start supplementing formula. I ...


Pumping Breast Milk Exclusively

P.M. asks from Boston

Hi I was wondering if anyone pumps exclusively? My daughter is teeny but gaining weight and healthy. We've had a few "bumps" since I've broght her home. But she was h...


Avent vs Medela

H.G. asks from Reno

Hello ladies! We just had out second child and are ecstatic! Without first we weren't able to nurse and did formula but this time we are breast feeding and things are...


Trouble with Avent Bottles?

J.W. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter is mostly breastfed but gets 1-2 bottles a day. I've been using the Avent bottles with #3 and #4 nipples (I felt like she got frustrated with #2), but it...


How Should I Bring My Breast Milk to the Sitters?

J.C. asks from Chicago

I currently pump into medela bottles but i use avent bottles to feed my little one. Can i put my breastmilk into the avent bottles before i bring them to my sitters h...


Would You Use Avent Bottles Knowing They Contain BPA?

S.C. asks from Green Bay

I have some Avent bottles from 2005 that were used by my first daughter. She was breastfed, but I used the Avent bottles for frozen milk storage. She never drank out ...


Breast Milk Storage

M.B. asks from Minneapolis

How necessary is it to use the special storage bags vs. a regular ziploc storage bag when storing milk? I am not freezing them which I assume is the point of having ...


Bottle Feed with Breast Milk

A.T. asks from New York

Hi, my baby was bottle feed in he hospital due to her jaundice & since, she does not latch on. She was 3 weeks early & I want to be sure she gets enough milk, so I pu...