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Too Young to Go to Prom?

Z.S. asks from Denver

Our 15-year-old daughter has been asked to Prom, but we feel that she is too young and will still have her junior and senior years to be able to go. She hasn't shown...


Activities on Prom Night

J.B. asks from Dallas

My daughter is homeschooled and will be graduating this year with 4-5 other homeschoolers. They want to rent a limousine to pick them up after their prom and take th...



M.M. asks from Detroit

My oldest just finished the first segment of driver's education. He now has to go to the Sec. of State to get his Level 1 drivers permit. Whenever I want to go som...


Getting Treatments/haircuts at a Beauty School - Anyone ??

A.O. asks from Dallas

Since I'm pregnant now (unexpected) and possibly splitting with baby's daddyI need to watch my money for real. I don't want to look like Gollum though and was thinki...



T.M. asks from Dallas

do u guys think $250 is eneough money for 4 kids food a week? Also not only food also gas,household supplies,etc.


Back Acne and Prom Dress

V.L. asks from Chicago

My daughter is going to prom Saturday and has some back acne. It's not major, but her dress is strapless and I'm wondering what is a good way to cover it? Should we...


Vent- Prom Dresses

P.S. asks from Grand Forks

So my daughter is going to prom with a friend. The problem is we can't find a dress. Been to a few larger towns and so far everything is yuck to my daughter. Here is ...



T.B. asks from New York

What electric razors are best for a tween to start with? My 12 yr old has asked to shave her legs. I told her yes since the weather here is getting warmer and capr...


$12,000 A Year on Makeup and Beauty Products?!?

J.S. asks from Seattle

Today on The View there was a segment about drug store beauty products that started off with Barbara Walters stating that, "The average American woman spends $12,000 ...


Some Ways to save Money

A.L. asks from Phoenix

I was recently doing childcare out of my home as well as my full time job as a Social Worker. I was let go from my childcare position. I was expecting to get the ch...