Milestones: Myself, Playtex

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Playtex Ventaire Baby Bottles

I am breast feeding my daughter and i got a couple sets of PLAYTEX VENTAIRE BABY BOTTLES and was wondering if i could pump my breast milk into those bottles. if anyone has any idea please let me know. the question is driving my crazy even though she doesnt drink that many ounces right now i just need to know :)


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I Just Can Not Afford the Madela Double Electric So What About Playtex?

I purchased the Playtex Nurser System today at Target for $90 because the Madela Swing is $150 (the in style is just out of my league). I get home and before I open it I get this not wanting to commit feeling. So.. I haven't opened the box because I've been online researching and researching. Most women all say Madela or Lanoish if your going to purchase a double electric breast pump. But, in reading reviews I've read that some women have had the same problems with a Madela pump that the Playtex pumps lose points for. So if there are any...


What Do to About Job

I have been back to work full-time now for about 1 1/2 years and I really...