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Costco Worth It?

What is really worth buying at Costco? We'd be interested in products for babies and kids, as well as food. I don't have time to stand there with a calculator. I can barely manage the 3 kids in the carts that (yeah!) seat three. We're new members and I want to choose the right items and actually save money. Also, they don't seem to carry Pampers, just Huggies, but Pampers were my favorite.

Makeup & Clothing

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Looking for My 3T Outfit

I am attending a baptism and would like to find a nice outfit for my toddler (like a shortall or something that he can wear in warm weather). Unfortunately everything I see is really expensive and I can't afford it right now (I just quit my job to care for my toddler and my 2 month old baby, not to mention the hospital bills I'm getting). Does anyone have tips on how to save some money on this? Thanks!