Milestones: Myself

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Prom Fundraising...Is This SOP?

I got an email from a mom (friend of mine) stating that her son (a senior) was trying to sell these "lottery" tickets (a deal every day for the Month of May, so 31 chances of winning from one ticket purchase). The cost is $10 per ticket and it is to reduce the cost of prom tickets from $200 each by subtracting what they sell from the price of the ticket(s). Is this normal? Standard Operating Procedure now for prom? (I'm not questioning the validity of the sale, just the fundraising part.) If you have a kid going to prom--did they do...

Car & Insurance

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Which Car Insurance Company Should I Use??

Any suggestions on Car Insurance companies? my husband & I just cancelled with our current company(they were horrible) & were looking for new car insurance??


Car Insurance USAA

A friend told me that because my Dad was in the Army, I can apply for USAA...

Coping with Death

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Skipping a Funeral?

My grandmother recently passed away and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it to the funeral. My question is: have you ever skipped the funeral of a loved one and, if so, how did you feel about it afterwards? Were you ok with the decision? Or, did you ever go only because you felt like you should, but ultimately feel you would have been ok not going? Here are the circumstances: We live on the west coast (including my grandmother), but she is going to be buried on the east coast. Per her wishes, there will not be a full funeral,...


I Have a Funeral

I have a funeral to attend this week at 10 am and don't have a babysitter....


Dating & Relationships

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Teen Daughter That Is Too Much into Her Boyfriend

I have a 13 year old daughter that lives her life for her boyfriend. All I ever hear is about him and his mom. What great fun they are and it really hurts my feeling that she doesn't want to be with me. I am sure this is a phase she is going through but I also want to spend time with her. If she is at home it is a big fight to get her off the phone or computer with her boyfriend. Any suggestions?


Teenagers and Dating

well I have a 13yr old boy who started jr. high this yr and started dating...

Driver's License

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Fear of Driving

Hello I have a friend whom although she was able to get her license about 15 years ago, she still doesn't drive. She simply fears it and although she has done therapy around it and hypnosis, this has not yet helped. Has anyone else out there over-come a fear of driving and if so, how did you do it?


Driving to Florida

We are going on our first family vacation to Florida and unfortunately we...


Flying or Driving

so summer vacation is coming up and my family has offered to pay for me and...


Driving at Night

My nine month old is very afraid of driving in the dark. SHe screams and...

Increased Independence

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Helping My Children Become Self-reliant.

I want to raise my children to be good decision makers and be a bit more structured than I was as a child, but I don’t want to be a micro mom manager. I want them to gain the skills they need to begin to take more responsibility for their activities. Dressing themselves, making sure they have all of their homework etc. Does anyone have any techniques or tools I can use with young children?


Do I Force Him

My DD who just turned 6 loves her older brother. I guess the times he playes...


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What Do to About Job

I have been back to work full-time now for about 1 1/2 years and I really hate it. I got a new manager about 4 months ago and she is just unbearable. She is completely opposite then me - very confrontational and rude. My heart just isn't in my work at all. I don't want to be there as it is and now I have to put up with her micro-managing. I make great money which is the worst part of all! My husband won't let me quit because his business is in jeopardy right now. He owns his own construction business and of course it has completely...


Job or No Job

I have applied to a job in Nov. Got an interview and got hired. Got paper...


Looking for Job!

I am in need of a job! I have little experince but I am a hard worker, If...

Makeup & Clothing

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What Was Your Major or Career?

I am 3 classes from getting my associates degree in general studies. Then, I will have to declare a major when I apply to a university. I know what I don't want to do (I am horrible at anything math related), but have no clue what I do want to do. I will get career counseling and take a personality test (myers briggs) to help me narrow it down. But I wanted to know *real world* experiences in the job field and if it relates to your major at all to give me some ideas, because I am stumped. So, if you feel like sharing. What did you major...

Prom & Dance

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After Prom Ideas

Hi I need to come up with games for our After Prom Party. We don't want to rent games. We are thinking about doing "childrens games" such as musical chairs, hula hoop contest, my son suggested duck duck goose and maybe more. Has anyone done anything like this and what did the kids think.


After Prom Party

My niece attended an After Prom party in which she claims there was alcohol....


Middle School Prom

I need some advice, my daughter who is 13 comes homes yesterday telling me...


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Career - What Would You Do?

Current situation: After 15 years into your gig you have a job that pays six figures, is a fairly easy job. You're tenured and there is very little chance of getting whacked since there are at least a dozen hires below you. You get breaks and summers off. Your work environment is supportive and nurturing and your boss rocks. However, you're exceptionally bored at your job and the passion you used to have has been snuffed out. You feel like your talents and skills could be more beneficial in another field and you simply cannot imagine...


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When to Start Shaving?

My daughter will be 12 in October. She has blond hair on her legs and because of her tan the hair seems to really show. When should she start shaving? Does she have to shave the top and bottom of the leg? What about under the arm?


Shaving Your Legs

How often do you ladies shave your legs? I just shaved mine last night for...


Shaving Bikini Area

My 13-year-old daughter wants to start shaving her "bikini area". What do...


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How Do You Volunteer Your Time?

I'd like to start doing some volunteer work with my kids and was wondering if any of you have any advice on which organization I should participate with. Do any of you do any volunteer work? And if yes, which type of volunteer work do you find most fulfilling? Since my daughter (5yrs old) is amazing with the elderly and my son (7 yrs old) prays for the poor and needy every night, I wonder if there's an organization that has a combination of the two that needs help. Thanks ladies!


Looking to Volunteer

My company has a wonderful benefit called Charity Leave. We are given an...