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K.M. asks from Dallas

I am curious to find out how familiar people in our community are with a Labor Doula? Would you recommend or use one? What about Prenatal Massage Therapy? Infant Massage?



C.S. asks from New York

I know this question was asked a few years ago, but I'm asking now so that I can get more updated answers. I am looking for a birth doula to be with me for my delive...


Do I Need a Doula If I Have a Midwife?

V.S. asks from Dallas

I'm pregnant with my first child and due at the end of Octobor. I'm working with two great midwives through the Women's Health Alliance at Baylor in Dallas - Cecily ...


Midwife, Doula, or OB?

S.W. asks from Phoenix

I am curious on the experiences moms out there have had with a midwife or doula. My first child I delivered in a hospital with my OB, whom I thought was wonderful. ...


Using a Doula at Your Birth

M.K. asks from Springfield

Has anyone ever used a Doula for the birth of their child? How was your experience? Do you recommend it? What about a post partum doula? Did they help? Just curi...


Experience with Doula

P.K. asks from Houston

Hi I am hiring a doula for my upcoming labor in a couple of weeks. What should I expect? Anyone had any experiences with a doula?


Midwife and Doula near Palatine, IL

S.Y. asks from Chicago

I've always visited an Ob-Gyn and am not familiar with midwives or doulas. Now that I'm pregnant, I've heard a lot of good things about midwives/doulas. If you've h...


Anyone Have a Doula?

M.L. asks from Cincinnati

anyone have a doula? how was your experience? if you didn't have a doula, do you wish you had, or think you will have one next time? just curious:)


Doula Training

L.K. asks from San Antonio

Does anyone out there know anything about doula training? I have checked the San Antonio Doula website and there is nothing there about training to become a doula. I...


Seeking Midwife and Birth Center

E.N. asks from St. Louis

I'm new to St Louis and newly pregnant. I'm trying to find a midwife and would like to deliver in a birth center, which I'm not sure exists around here. Can someone r...