Midwife or Doula

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What's the Best Hospital to Deliver at for a Natural Birth?

P.K. asks from Detroit

I'd like help choosing a hospital that is most likely to allow a natural birth without unnecessary interventions. From the few questions I asked at my current OB's of...


C-section or VBAC. Oh Wait, I'm Screwed Either Way. ;)

B.P. asks from Cleveland

Grrrr. I went to the meeting of my local ICAN chapter (a "c-section support group") last night with the hopes of finding a listening ear and left feeling awful abo...


Curious About Midwive Vs. OBGYN

M.L. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi! I am about 14 weeks pregnant and I go to a group of 3 OBGYN's who I will be taking turns with so I get to know all of them since it depends who is on call when I...


Positive Stories on 2Nd C-sections

S.D. asks from Cleveland

Hello mamas! Awhile back I asked about my personal dilemma of choosing between an elected 2nd c-section (the first was unplanned, emergency) and VBAC...While it seem...


Group B Strep

A.E. asks from Minneapolis

Just wondering if anyone tested positive for GBS and opted NOT to receive the antibiotics during labor???


Seeking Advice from Moms Who Have Had or Tried to Have a VBAC.

B.C. asks from Denver

Good day, My name is B. and I am seeking advice from women who have had or who tried to have a VBAC (Vaginal Delivery after C-Section). I am only 13 weeks along with ...


Ob-Gyn -- Solo Practice vs Group Practice?

S.Y. asks from Chicago

I recently found out I'm pregnant for the first time and we're trying to decide between a doctor at a solo practice vs group practice. Group practice seems to be pre...


Why Would You Not Want the Baby Monitored?

S.!. asks from Los Angeles

I am sorry, but I do not get it. This question is not meant to be about bashing on each womens choices on delivery but instead me trying to "see the other side". I ...


Survey: Hospital Birth Versus Home Birth??

M.R. asks from Seattle

Did you hear? A young, Australian woman who lobbied for more support for home births has died after delivering her baby daughter at home. She was rushed to the ER in...



J.S. asks from Memphis

I was wondering whether or not you ladies had an epidural during your delivery and what your recommendations are. My mother did not have one with me, but did with my ...