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Back-To-School Backpack Help

A.M. asks from Rochester

My son will be entering the 4th Grade...Last year he had to lug an agenda (3-Ring Binder) with him everyday...on top of his lunch box...and in the winter snow pants a...


Backpack Recommendations, Please.

N.Z. asks from Los Angeles

I'm looking to buy a quality backpack that will last a few years, at least, for my 5 year old starting TK in the fall. Currently, she's using an LL Bean backpack that...


School Fundraising Ideas

L.T. asks from Hartford

I have just agreed to help my children's elementary school PTA with fundraising next year. As this is something I have no experience with, I was hoping to get some a...


Worried About School Lunches

J.A. asks from Boston

My 6 year old daughter starts first grade this year and will have lunch at school. She is a fairly picky eater and eats the usual kid fare such as mac & cheese, chic...


Kindergarten Backpack

A.V. asks from Washington DC

I'm looking at backpacks for fall. Is the LL Bean Original Junior Book Pack too small for K? Or the right size? I have a petite little girl and am wondering if someth...


I Need a Great and Durable Backpack for Nursing School

D.H. asks from Dallas

I am starting nursing school in the fall and I'm looking for a durable backpack. I've looked at Target, Walmart and Staples and have seen adult backpacks from $30-$1...


Back to School - Backpacks, Lunch Boxes, Jackets Etc.

D.S. asks from Denver

Ok moms it is that time again... back to school! My boys are really hard on their backpacks and often go through multiples in a school year - usually zippers breaking...


Lunch Ideas... 1St Grader Wants to Bring His Own Lunch to School.

C.H. asks from Chicago

Ok, so I have never had an option of bringing my own lunch to school and I figured since my son's school provides lunch and I just added money to his lunch card, I wa...


Questions Regarding Daughter Starting Kindergarten

M.S. asks from Dallas

My daughter is starting kindergarten this fall and I have a few questions for moms of 1st or 2nd grade girls. This may seem strange but what kind of backpacks and lu...


High School Graduation Gift Ideas

P.S. asks from Dallas

I have several close friends whose children are graduating this year. What are appropriate gifts for graduating seniors, besides money and gift cards?