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My 1 Yr Old Only Wants to Eat What I Am Eating

S.S. asks from Chicago

My son no longer wants to eat baby food. I have tried different varieties but he puts up one heck of a fight. If I am eating something, however, he will eat whateve...


Introducing Food to an Almost 9mo.old

H.D. asks from San Francisco

Hey there Mammas! Ok so I'm wondering if you can help me out with some advise please...my little guy is almost 9mo.old and has been eating food now for about 1mo. and...


Introducing Meats

J.D. asks from Los Angeles

Hello all, I love this site! Everyone seems so helpful, kind, and knowledgable. I have a beautiful 7 month old girl. At five months, we patiently started feeding h...


Need Help Finding Food and Ideals for My Almost 10 Mos Old

T.W. asks from Dallas

Hello Mom's please give me some ideals on what I can feed my daughter she has just stopped eating baby food she just does not want it... So I need some Ideal of what ...


Taking Solids to Daycare

K.N. asks from La Crosse

I've been making my own solid food for my almost 7-month old girl for several weeks, plus giving her rice cereal. She's tried sweet potatoes, avocados, squash, and I'...


Food Ideas for Daycare

R.R. asks from Chicago

Hi moms! My son is almost one and goes to daycare three days a week. He is doing great with solid foods and is no longer interested in the jar foods. My daycar...


Looking for Good Finger Foods

E.S. asks from Houston

My 8 mo old daughter has decided that she doesn't want mommy or daddy to feed her any longer. She would like to do it herself. She has been off of baby food since s...


Solid Foods Finger Foods "Real Foods"

E.A. asks from El Paso

Hi my daughter is almost 7 months and i already feed her stage 2 foods both fruits and veggies but I want a bigger variety she reaches for our plates when anyone is e...


Help with Solids... Clueless Mom Here!

A.N. asks from Chicago

I'm in the process of introducing solids to my 5 month old. I would like to prepare his meals at home instead of giving him store bought foods. But... I need some hel...


Tips on What Else to Feed My 7 1/2 Mo. Old Son

M.M. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi there, was just wondering if you have any tips on what else to feed my son to give him more variety. He is exclusively breastfed since birth, at 6 mos, I introduc...