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Evenflo bottles....microwave Sterilizer??

S.T. asks from Chicago

Is there a microwave sterilizer that will fit the large Evenflo glass bottles?? Love how convenient the sterilizers seem, but worried about being able to fit the Eve...


Safe to Microwave Medela Breast Pump Parts to Sterilize?

L.L. asks from Minneapolis

I sterilize my breast pump parts in this special plastic bag made by Medela that you put a tiny bit of water in and then put it in the microwave for 3 minutes. Last ...


Should I Buy a New Bottle Sterilizer???

O.N. asks from Chicago

Hi - I hope this isn't too much of a stupid question... Anyway i have an old (used it 2 yrs ago) AVENT microwave sterilizer (which i have stored) ... I am having a n...


Help Me with the BPA Issue in Plastics, So Confusing!!

K.A. asks from Boston

Hi all, I have done a lot of research on the BPA issue and understand the numbers on the bottom that are okay and the numbers that are not. I am very confused howeve...


Plastic/ BPA Breast Pump and Bottles

J.O. asks from New York

I saw on the today show that there are some plastics when put in the microwave or dishwasher may release toxins. I didn't see the whole segment, but I pump my breast...



B.S. asks from Grand Rapids

I am planning on exclusively breastfeeding but will need bottles for when we go out etc... With my daughter I just used a regular plastic evenflo bottle but this tim...


Microwaving Botttles to Do or Not to Do

M.S. asks from Lafayette

I was just wondering if anyone seen in the news, that microwaving clear bottles releases some chemical that causes neurological damage. My husband and I have Avent b...


Toxic Baby Bottles?

A.S. asks from Evansville

I was wondering if anyone else heard about 5 very popular brand named baby bottles that contained a harmful chemical? I have done some research on this topic and foun...


BPA Free Debate - Glass or Plastic?

S.S. asks from New York

Our pedi has always been adamant about using glass bottles to feed our son. We recently got into a debate about whether or not BPA free plastic bottles are safe and h...


Bottle Warming

J.M. asks from Detroit

I heard a report the other day about putting warm tap water in baby's bottles. So I started making my baby's bottles more on the cold side but he seemd to be fussy a...