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Early Pregnancy Signs

What are some very early pregnancy signs that one may experience. I am 3 days away from a period, but I fell pregnant. I have taken 2 at home test but both were negative. I feel VERY tired, on the verge of throwing up all day, can't sleep due to discomfort in stomach and I have to pee more than normal. Did or does anyone feel this way at a early stage of pregnancy?


Pregnant and Grouchy!

I am seven weeks pregnant with our third baby! Yay! I could not be happier!...

Gender Prediction

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Giving Kids Benadryl to Sleep on Airplanes: Good Move or Needless Medicating?

Just read an interesting article on ( about whether or not it makes sense to give kids Benadryl for the sake of getting them to sleep on an airplane. I travel cross country with my young kids a lot and have never done this--though many friends have suggested that I do. Sure, sometimes my daughters have cried and maybe been disruptive to other passengers, but I never thought it warranted giving them un-necessary medication. What do you all think about this?