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Baby Shower Games

N.M. asks from Omaha

I am throwing a baby shower for my sister in-law soon and am not a big baby shower game person but she loves them! I would like some fun/unique baby shower games. T...


Adoption Baby Shower

W.B. asks from Austin

I am planning an adoption baby shower and I was wondering if anyone has done this before and has any tips. The only other baby shower I've been to was the one thrown ...


Planning a Baby Shower

S.J. asks from Charlottesville

My sister in law is due in March. My mom and I want to throw her a baby shower since her mother is unwilling to do it. My question is: what cute games, snacks, deco...


Having a Baby Shower Need Help!

D.H. asks from Louisville

I want to have a baby shower for my daughter,and havent had one for years and need your help please!! What kindof games can you play?What kind of goodies and food ple...


2Nd Baby Shower?

S.C. asks from Scranton

A good friend is expecting her second child and I would like to give her another baby shower. Her first is a 3 year old girl, and they do not want to know the sex of...


Baby Shower for #2

E.R. asks from Austin

I have a friend who lives out of town, but would like to come down and throw a baby shower for our second child. My DD is 19 months and will be almost 2 when the bab...


Baby Shower Game Ideas

S.D. asks from San Francisco

Hi Ladies, my girlfriend is having a baby and I am looking for some easy and cost effective game ideas to play at her shower. I have the typical ones about not crossi...


Help with the Baby Shower Registry

S. asks from Dallas

Ok Here is my problem. I have a baby who will be 2 in June and i am expecting my second baby in June ( actually on my DD birthday) So pretty much have all the ...


Baby Shower & Registry..

K.L. asks from Portland

Hello~ I am trying to register for my baby shower & figure out all of the necessary items we will be needing for our daughter. Money has been very tight lately, due t...


Baby Shower Months After Birth?

H.L. asks from New York

I was cohosting a good friend's baby shower but we made it too close to the due date, she delivered early and therefore it was cancelled. One of the other cohosts is...