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Congestion in a Baby

N.N. asks from Detroit

I am a grandmother! My stepson has a 1 month old baby girl. Things are very different now compared to when my children were babies. For example I used baby powder on ...


Baby Is Sick

M.B. asks from Seattle

hallo Ladies, I would like to ask you few questions regarding the baby sickeness.My baby is almost an year old and 14 days ago she got cold, i guess from me. She ha...


Infant with RSV

L.M. asks from Austin

I took my 3 month old baby girl to hospital this past Wednesday. They ran a series of test on her, it came back that she has RSV- respitory virus. Ok great, but now w...


Baby with Influenza

K.I. asks from Minneapolis

My 9-mo. old son has influenza. It is the saddest thing to see him so miserable & also so scary as it can be life-threatening! He has a high fever, a bad cough, & a l...


3 1/2 Month Baby Is Sick

K.G. asks from Milwaukee

I have a 3 1/2 month little baby girl that is sick. Her daddy was sick and now she got it too. She has terrible chest conjestion. Her nose is not really stuffy, bu...


Need Advice on Infant Cough

A.B. asks from Dallas

I have a 3 mo. old little boy who has had a cough for about three weeks now. The doctor told us to give him Tylenol Cold and Cough which we did and it didn't seem to...


My Infant Has Major "Gunk" Again, What Can I Do?

H.B. asks from Dallas

Hello Moms! Ok, I am sure I am not the only child with this problem- especially since we live in the dfw area. It has gone from 80 degrees to 20 degrees in one wee...


Need Help on What to Give My Baby for His Cold

A.M. asks from Dallas

Does any body know what I can give my one month old baby if he seems to have mucus on his chest when ever he breathes and isn't taking his bottle and when ever he doe...


Baby with Phlegm, Won't Drink Water, Burps up Food...

L.R. asks from Portland

Okay, I'm getting really tired of this. My son is 11 months. He eats solids pretty well, and breastfeeds still also. He got a cold about a month ago, and he had a lot...


Help for My Baby's Ear Infection!!!

C.W. asks from Saginaw

My 1 year old has come down with an ear infection. We just had her checked last night. This was her first cold too. It started with a runny nose a week ago and I just...