Mental Health: Tween

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Mental Health Question About Daughter

Last week my daughter spent a week in a mental health facility for choking her brother, fits of rage, and hearing and seeing things that aren't really there. She was diagnosed with mood disorder, bipolar, and psychosis. They put her on risperidone and requested she see a psychologist and psychiatrist weekly. Now to my questions: 1. She has missed a large amount of school and even though they are all excused they are still concerned about the percentage of time she has been there and we have gotten a letter saying she is being charged...


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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Well, I am looking for a little advice and insight. I have an Eleven year old daughter that up until last week had never has anything more than a cold or flu. She was excited to start Jr.High and couldn't wait. We attended back to school night and she loved it. Her first day of school she was nervous, but nothing that wouldn't be expected on a first day. When I picked her up from school everything seemed good, she loved her classes. We had a great night and when I woke her up for school the next dat she was shaking, gasping for air and...

Bi-Polar Disorder

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Teen with Bi-Polar

I have a 14 year old son that has been daignos with Bi-Polar.He been fighting depression since he was 6 year old and been on medicine most of his life. I just need to hear from someone that has had to deal with Bi-Polar teenager.


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13 Year Old. Ugh.

13 year old daughter. Need I say more? It's as if an alarm went off in her head the day she turned 13 telling her to start acting like a ^#&$^@#$!*. Though she doesn't have issues with school or boyfriends, the "I don't give a darn" attitude and the "Whatever" nasty attitude with all her family members is about to put me over the edge. No amount of lecturing makes a difference. She just comes back even nastier. We've taken away the phone (which she barely uses anyway), computer, her e-reader, to no effect other that making her even...

Eating Disorders

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13 Year Old at Risk for Developing an Eating Disorder?

Earlier this week, my 13 year old daughter told me she was not going to eat anything and only drink water for 10 days in an effort to lose weight. Of course, she got a lecture on healthy body image and weight loss, but I'm still worried. She is at a healthy weight and not at all fat but she insists she needs to be 98 pounds to be 'perfect'. I told her that if she was 98 pounds at her height you would be able to see her bones and she told me that was her goal. Today I was checking her iPod, as I routinely do, and found that she had been...

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

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Obsessive Compulsive 7 Year Old??? Symptoms

Does anyone have any experience or give me add'l info about OCD in children? The other day I discovered my almost 7 year old hands were extremely raw and chapped. Then it clicked, he CONSTANTLY washes his hands, insists they are "dirty" when they aren't, if he eats anything that might be sticky or might leave a residue on his hands he will wrap a napkin or paper-towel around it in an effort to keep his hands clean. At night, he has to be tucked in a certain way, and kissed a certain amount of times. The other day he was watching TV...