Mental Health: Toddler

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Health Advice

K.H. asks from Clarksville

My 7 year old daughters eyes stay dialated. I have always told her that they look like cat eyes. She has complained now for 3 years with really bad headaches. To the ...


My Health, Your Thoughts...

S.O. asks from Lansing

I have some symptoms that I have had since I was a teen such as extreme fatigue, however over the past couple of years I have felt like I have aged like crazy, I am s...


19 Month Old Not Feeding Herself

T.P. asks from Indianapolis

Hi. My 19 month old has stopped feeding herself and wants me to feed her. She started feeding herself using her fingers before she was a year old. She started tryi...


Health Insurance- Help Me Understand How It Works Here?

S.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hi there My husband and I have just moved from the UK and we are trying to make sense of health insurance packages so we can choose a package for next year- we hav...


13 Month Boy with Possibly Delays?!

J.T. asks from Charlotte

Hello to my fellow moms, I need some help and advice. I have a wonderful and amazing baby boy who just turned 13 months On Jan 1, but what is worrying me is his in...


Health Insurance for College Students in Washington

G.L. asks from Seattle

Can anyone recommend health insurance for college students? Preferably Medical and Dental. But Medical at the least. Our 22 year old son has just been dropped from ...


Mental Health & Counseling

V.T. asks from Fresno

Is it possible that one can be TOO sensitive? Seems I take things to heart more than others and I get my feelings hurt easily. If there are any of you who have had ...


2 Yr Old and Mental Disorders

K.A. asks from Boston

My ex (my 2 yr olds father)has bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and ADHD. I was wondering if anyone else has had to deal with this type of issue and...


Odd Behavioral Disorders/mental Health Issue?

K.P. asks from Denver

My 6 year old kindergartener is having some struggles dealing with her everyday school interactions. She has always seemed to be a very outgoing, social personality,...


21 Month Old Not Sleeping Well

J.M. asks from Los Angeles

Yikes. My daughter has never been a great sleeper. On a good night she will only wake up once but she throws tantrums until we give her her baba (milk). My and I ...