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Seeking Moms Whos Children Have Mental Disorders

D.T. asks from Washington DC

I am searching for moms that have children that have mental disorders~~>>> bipolar--add--adhd--odd ect......I have a 12 yr old dsughter with severe mood disorder and ...


Controlled Diet for Mental Illness and Behavior Problems

R.W. asks from Mansfield

I Have read many success stories online about controlling many different types of illnesses, mental and physical with diet. A lot of these stories are from parents wh...


How Likely Are Mental Health Issues to Be Inherited?

J.M. asks from Boston

My kids have 1 grandfather with ADD and the other side has a grandmother with severe, medicated depression and anxiety. How at risk do you think my kids are? My DH an...


9 Yr Olds Mental Health

L.T. asks from Phoenix

My 9 year old daughter has crazy mood swings. She will have a hysterical crying fit over the smallest things and the rest of the time all she does is wine and complai...


Recommendations on a Psychiatrist Sensitive to Women's Mental Health

G.J. asks from Atlanta

Thank you very much for reading this request. As a mother and a woman, do you have a reputable psychiatrist (MD) that you can recommend? I was advised by my OB to see...


Mental Health / Teenage Child / So Discouraged Today

S.T. asks from New York

I am feeling like a bad mom - I love my daughter so much. I have worked so closely with her. Her doctor is astonished by the progress she's made over the last two y...


Need Good Mental Health Vitamins~

N.T. asks from Los Angeles

HI, I am looking for a mood enhancer! I have heard St. John's Wort helps mild depression but what are the side effects? Any other good vitamin suggestions for lack...


What Mental Illness Does My 18 Year Old Have?

C.S. asks from Hartford

My teenage daughter is being treated for anxiety/depression but I think she must have a mental disorder. She is on her third different kind of medication. She was i...


21 Month Son Not Talking a Lot

A.S. asks from Spokane

My little guy is 21 months and doesn't have a very large vocabulary at all. Mostly "ma, da, donk (short for donkey) and dog". He also has his own words for items, but...


Family Hx of Mental Illness-does This Effect Your Decision to Have More Kids???

A.B. asks from Madison

A little background...My father-in-law has bipolar disorder and probably my brother-in-law too, and significant hx of alcoholism in my family and husband's family. Be...