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2 Yr Old Afraid of Shadows...

M.H. asks from Cincinnati

Lately, my DD, who will be 2 next month, has been talking about shadows and how she is afraid of them. My husband and I used to make shadow puppets when she first dis...


Mom-in-law Is Trying to Ruin My Marriage

B.R. asks from Tulsa

HELP! How do I deal with a controlling, manipulative mother-in-law? Seriously, I think she wants nothing more than me to disappear! My husband has been the only pa...


How to Help a Child Get over a Fear of Going Potty

L.O. asks from Seattle

My youngest daughter is 2 1/2. In many ways she is very ready for potty training. She can hold it for hours and hours. She tells me when she needs to go pee or poo. B...


Food Ideas for My 11 Month Old

C.L. asks from San Francisco

I am not much of a cook and since becoming a new mom, I am slowly learning. Unfortunately I think I've repeated a lot of food to my son and I think he's become bored...


Mother Is Crazy and Contradictory

A.Q. asks from Seattle

My mother had me in high school. She didn't want to have me but she didn't want to get rid of me either. She had no ambitious career plans or goals in life at all. Sh...


UnHappy 5Yr Old

S.G. asks from Anchorage

I have son that is 5yr. He seems to be out of controll. He his agrumentive w/me. Yells and screams at me. Half the time i just ignore him, but his sister is starti...


Does Anyone Know?

T.B. asks from Kokomo

OK i have a 4 year old that does not shut up. I am talking about when he is not talking he is singing. I know both his father and i talk a lot, so is he just taking a...


pre-K Curriculum Ideas/resources ETA

I.G. asks from Seattle

This is a question for all the homeschooling moms out there. I am not homeschooling, but I would like to make the time I spend with DD at home a bit more productive...



E.M. asks from Texarkana

Does anyone deal with Autism? My son was just diagnosed as Autistic in September and I am trying to find others who have been there who can give me some advice. I am ...


I'd Really Appreciate Your Input

A.P. asks from Portland

I'm a stay at home mom with a 5 1/2 month old baby boy. I recently found out tv is not good for infants. And I used to let him watch some tv while I made dinner or wa...