Mental Health: Preschooler

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Mental Health

C.J. asks from Washington DC

This may seem a little off the wall. I was looking for moms opinions on Pediatric Bipolar Disorder, also known as onset bipolar disorder. There are a lot of websites ...


3 Year Old Prescribed Adderall- HELP!!!!

N.A. asks from Spokane

After the last 18 months or so we finally have some answers to our sons ourbursts and radical behavior. Our 3 year old has been diagnosed with Autism and his Dr. put...


4 Year Old Daughter Making Me Insane

A.P. asks from Chicago

I was just wondering if we are going through a normal phase. My 4 year old daughter is in the midst of the terrible 4's..(forget the terrible 2's, 4 is way worse!!)La...


3 Year Old--communication Skills

K.H. asks from Austin

My daughter turned 3 in Feb. I know I shouldnt compare my daughter with other children, but I cant help it. I hear other 3 year olds talking and their sentence struct...


4 Year Old with Cavities

C.B. asks from Washington DC

I am looking for other mother's experiences with the filling of cavities in children. I took my son to have it done and the whole experience to me seemed ridiculous (...


Husband Has Mental Issues/alcholism

E.S. asks from Cincinnati

Advice on how to get REAL evidence that this man has mental issues (his family and my family, his boss and myself think he should be under a psychiatrist's care and p...


Stutter in the 3 Year Old

L.C. asks from Raleigh

Hello:) Our 3 year old son did not start talking in sentences till he was 2,5, but we did not worry much since bilingual kids start talking later. Well when he finall...


Hyper 4 Year Old

E.M. asks from Louisville

i have an extremely hyper 4 year old who honestly makes me batty at times. for months my mom has just said oh shes just 4. well she stayed over night last night now m...


My 3 Year Old

K.H. asks from Peoria

my three year old son is out of control. he is violent with me he hits and kicks and calls names. if he does not get his way watch out because he goes crazy in a se...


My 4-Year Old Wets His Pants Daily

C.B. asks from Dallas

Help! My 4-year old wets his pants daily (not at the same time) and he says it's because he didn't want to stop playing (or whatever else he was doing) to go use the ...