Mental Health: Preschooler

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3 Year Old Prescribed Adderall- HELP!!!!

After the last 18 months or so we finally have some answers to our sons ourbursts and radical behavior. Our 3 year old has been diagnosed with Autism and his Dr. put him on Adderall yesterday. I am new to all of this and am having some real issues giving my child a drug of this magnitude. Our son is Only 3 years old and has had some behavioral issues for the last 18 months or so. His fits of rage even scared me at first not because he is violent but because he just gets so involved in him self and can and will not get over what ever...


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Anxiety, Panic Attacks

I am a mother of 2 little girls. Lately I'v had a lot of stress, I experienced inappropriate behavior advances from the clergy at my church, family issues with my sisters, escrow on a new house, found out that my little girl might have a transient tic (she does a weird move with her eyes), husband left town for 7.5 weeks 5 days after we moved in to our new home. I am home alone with 2 kids in a new house that has lot of things breaking, for example the heat, flood in the laundry room etc. With all this going on I have started to...

Bi-Polar Disorder

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Is My Husband Bi-polar?

After reading your answers to my first post I wondering if my husband can be bi-polar. How can I tell if has this mental illness?What are the signs? He is very angry most of the time, just like a time ticking bomb. I never know when he will explode. He switches very easliy from being calm to being extremely nervous and violent. He has always been like this. I know that his father is also abusive with his mother so maybe it is something genetic. He also looses his temper very often with our toddler. One day he took a knife from the kitchen...

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

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Does My 4 Year Old Son Have Obsessive Compulsive Behavior?

Ever since he began to walk, my son has been fixated on electrical objects- first vacuum cleaners, then fans, and now electrical plugs. He unplugs everything!! I am seriously considering having him screened for OCD and put on medication, because it has become a serious risk to him. How can I help his stop?