Mental Health: Older Child

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Mental Health Question About Daughter

Last week my daughter spent a week in a mental health facility for choking her brother, fits of rage, and hearing and seeing things that aren't really there. She was diagnosed with mood disorder, bipolar, and psychosis. They put her on risperidone and requested she see a psychologist and psychiatrist weekly. Now to my questions: 1. She has missed a large amount of school and even though they are all excused they are still concerned about the percentage of time she has been there and we have gotten a letter saying she is being charged...


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Suggestions on Dealing with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I have been dealing with panic attacks and anxiety for almost a year now. About two months after the birth of my daughter, I was sitting at a stop light when I experienced my first panic attack. I had just recently returned to work and was bringing my daughter to work with me. I had just picked up my two boys from summer school/daycare and was heading home and experienced the first attack while sitting at the stop light. It came out of nowhere. Over the evening and next morning I wasn't feeling any better and went to the ER to have...

Bi-Polar Disorder

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Bi-polar in Children.

My 8 year old grandson has been diaignosed with possible Bi-polar disorder. My son has not really received a diffent diaignose but he is very concerned. They want to put my grandson on meds, I'm not sure that is best. If any one out there has a chlid that has been diaignosed with Bi-polar please get back to me. P.


Teen with Bi-Polar

I have a 14 year old son that has been daignos with Bi-Polar.He been...


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Obsessive/compulsive/worry Type of Personality in a 6 Year Old

Hi everyone. I'd like to start by saying that my 6 year old is such a pleasant, beautiful kid. Over the past several months, we have noticed the worrying get out of hand. We have had to pull him out of activities due to his little fear of bodily injury. He was losing sleep anitipating when the next activity was going to be and would count the days. We felt it wasn't worth all that anxiety and decided to take him out and telling him (we didn't quit), but it was his choice when he will be him control. As I have been...

Eating Disorders

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Help-my 8 Year Old Is Very Picky About Her Food.

I have an 8 year old that is very picky about food. She either wants something different from what i've made and if not, she won't eat. I can't get her to eat veggies or healthy food. It all started one day that we were at my in laws house, and she almost vomited, ever since then, she is always saying that if she tries something new she's going to throw up. I've tried telling her to try something first, before saying she doesn't like it, I've tried the mother and daughter cook day, where we make somthing together, i've tried to hide the...

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

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Obsessive Compulsive 7 Year Old??? Symptoms

Does anyone have any experience or give me add'l info about OCD in children? The other day I discovered my almost 7 year old hands were extremely raw and chapped. Then it clicked, he CONSTANTLY washes his hands, insists they are "dirty" when they aren't, if he eats anything that might be sticky or might leave a residue on his hands he will wrap a napkin or paper-towel around it in an effort to keep his hands clean. At night, he has to be tucked in a certain way, and kissed a certain amount of times. The other day he was watching TV...