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Help with the Fussiest, Most High Maintenance Baby on the Planet!!!!

Hi all moms. I have a daughter who will be 14 mos old in a week who is so unbelievably high maintenance, hard to please, hardly ever stops fussing - and if I get 3 minutes of self play out of her a day I am lucky. I am exhausted, exasperated, frustrated, overwhelmed - I'm a mess, and my house is a mess. She just started sleeping through the night - but is a short sleeper, often takes short naps so I never get a break. She was one of those babies who woke 10-12 times a night for months! My own mother hates to babysit for her, my mother...


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Newborn Reflux/post Partum Depression

My newborn son was diagnosed with acid reflux. We have gone to a Pediatric Gastro and have him on Prilosec, We already thicken his feeds, have bought the Tucker Sling, keep him upright for 30 min after every feeding, etc. so I think we are doing everything we can for him. My question is more about how to better deal with this situation. He sleeps ok at night so I can't complaint but he doesn't nap at all during the day. He wants to be held the entire time and he doesn't want to go on the swing, bouncy seat. He is a big baby (already 13...