Mental Health: Adult Child

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What Mental Illness Does My 18 Year Old Have?

My teenage daughter is being treated for anxiety/depression but I think she must have a mental disorder. She is on her third different kind of medication. She was in a gifted program and had many friends up until 6th grade when she stopped having friends over, stayed in her room a lot, and her grades slipped. We finally got the anxiety disorder diagnosis but getting her to graduate was a struggle. She failed 2 wriiten driving tests before passing and now two drive tests...3rd coming up. She is constantly angry, combative, hostile,...


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Has Anyone Dealt with a Person with Borderline Personality Disorder?

Found out recently that my daughter has borderline personality disorder, although the diagnosis is unofficial since she has not taken the "test" for it. I asked the therapist she has been seeing for over a year for a diagnosis earlier this month, she told me she thought my daughter had borderline personality disorder, but that most insurance companies don't cover treatment for it, however, they do cover treatment for depression and anxiety. The therapist suggested I look up information on borderline personality disorder and sure enough, I...

Bi-Polar Disorder

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Depression or Jealousy?

I've been married for 7 years. I love my husband very much. When I came into this family he had been married before and had a 9 yr old daughter living w/ him at the time. Not a problem. But as we all know ... kids change. She started giving us trouble at about the age of 14 and eventually stopped listening to me because I wasn't her mother. I had many problems w/ her mother and that side of her family so I just surrendered. Now she is 17 and pregnant for the second time. She lost the 1st baby in the first trimester 7 months ago! She is...