Mental Health & Learning Disabilities: Weight Watchers

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Losing Weight - Motivation

So the first 8 pounds are off and, though I am pleased, there are still at least another 20 to go (30 would be best, but I'm trying to stay realistic). My usual pattern is lots of enthusiasm or even obsession at the beginning that suddenly drops off into "I'll never make it anyway" despair and I go right back to where I started from. For the record, I truly need to lose weight, as my BMI is almost 29. This time I am determined to make a change, both in my approach and results. Exercise is not an issue, since we have a very energetic dog...


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Weight Watchers Question

I have done this program so many times in the 10 years. I do love the idea, the success and the modivation. But today, as all eating lifestyle changes, we tend to go backwards instead of forwards. I am not denying there is time when the scale tells you that you gained because you deserved it and know what and how much you ate. BUT THIS TIME I am so frusterated. So I went to a location for 5 weeks. Then last week had to go to a diff location. I lost 1.6 Now today, I went to my normal location. They said I gained 2.4 lbs. REALLY ???...